The aim of stream 4 is to estimate the impact of healthy food retail interventions on population diet, equity, health, and business.

Stream 4 works collaboratively across all streams to undertake economic evaluations of healthy retail strategies. Currently we are evaluating five retail based interventions.

Objective 1

Develop a business impact model that accommodates sales and profitability for healthy food retail in different settings.

Objective 2

Estimate how changes in food sales from healthy food retail interventions will impact population diets.

Objective 3

Model the long-term health outcomes, equity impact, and cost-effectiveness of healthy food retail interventions for the Australian population.

Objective 4

Develop a prototype for an interactive tool which enables retailers to select options for transforming the health impact of their retail environment.

Stream 1

Identifying and implementing the most feasible strategy to improve the health of food retail​

Stream 2

Healthy food retail strategy outcome evaluation

Stream 3

Monitoring, accountability, and feedback


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