The aim of stream 3 is to develop continuous monitoring and feedback processes, to inform and assess progress in improving the health impact of food retail environments. Several projects in this stream form parts of INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity/NCDs Research, Monitoring and Action Support), a global network of public-interest organisations and researchers that seek to monitor and benchmark public and private sector actions to create healthy food environments, and reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases globally. ​

The objectives of Stream 3 are progressing through more than eight projects currently being undertaken or planned. As a team, we are constantly seeking new opportunities for funding and collaboration and expect this body of work to grow throughout the life of RE-FRESH.​

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Objective 1

Generate detailed evidence of how food retail environments impact health, including assessment of relevant retailer and government policies, using standardised processes, methods, and resources.

Objective 2

Identify priority areas for policy intervention to create healthy food retail environments, benchmarked against international best practice.

Objective 3

Establish systems and tools to increase the accountability of, and feedback to, retailers and governments in their roles in creating healthier food retail environments.

Stream 1

Identifying and implementing the most feasible strategy to improve the health of food retail​

Stream 2

Healthy food retail strategy outcome evaluation

Stream 4

Population diet, health and business impact modelling


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