RE-FRESH Chief Investigator Professor Gary Sacks (pictured above) is the lead author of a major UNICEF report released this week which focuses on creating healthier food retail environments for children, predominantly in supermarkets.

The ‘Guidance Framework to Support Healthier Food Retail Environments for Children: A practical tool for nutrition and children’s rights in the food retail sector’ provides effective steps the food retail sector and investors can take to create healthy food retail environments and contribute to improved business practices that support good nutrition among children and their families. The guide is relevant to food retailers across the world.

The document is the result of an extensive review of academic literature led by Prof. Sacks, along with detailed consultation with large food retailers from a range of countries to understand their current approaches to nutrition, trends in the area and opportunities for change. It was also informed by academic experts and non-government organisations focused on activities to improve population health.


‘While the framework’s primary focus is supermarkets, many aspects of the guidance are likely to be relevant to other businesses in the food value chain, including restaurants and food manufacturers.’

The framework is the culmination of a three-year collaboration between the Nutrition and Child Development Section at UNICEF Programme Group in New York and Deakin University. The publication was developed as part of the Network on Children’s Rights and Nutrition in the Retail Food Sector, which was established in 2021 by Norges Bank Investment Management and UNICEF.

Prof. Sacks, who is also the Co-Director of the Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition (GLOBE) at Deakin University’s Institute for Health Transformation, was supported in developing the framework by RE-FRESH Deakin University-based researchers A/Prof. Adrian Cameron, Associate Research Fellow Jasmine Chan and PhD candidate Ella Robinson.

Prof. Sacks will speak at the launch event on June 15, 2023, being hosted by UNICEF Norway.


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