‘Inside Our Food and Beverage Manufacturers’ Australia 2024 Report released

Join us for the online launch of a new report that rates Australia’s largest packaged food and beverage manufacturers on their nutrition policies and practices

JUST OUT: ‘Inside Our Supermarkets’ Australia 2024 Report released

Join us for the online launch of the 2024 scorecards of the 4 major Australian supermarkets’ commitment to nutrition policies and practices

Collaboration for Enhanced Research (CERI) showcased in special April issue of the ‘Public Health Research and Practice’ journal

Celebrating Carmen, and all our amazing female researchers – as we recognise International Women’s Day 2024

New ‘living’ remote community grocery store directory shares essential data – and allows for user contributions

February 2024 e-News

December 2023 e-News

Join the 2024 healthy food retail short-course

REPOSTED FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’: Promotional techniques on junk food packaging are a problem for children’s health – Australia could do better

October 2023 e-News

Deakin program aims to give food and drink retail a healthy refresh

Tara shines like a star at Hong Kong public health conference

August 2023 e-News

5 Minutes with RE-FRESH-funded PhD candidate Carmen Vargas: Q&A

Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson selected as Aus/NZ candidate for ‘Rising Star Symposium’ in Hong Kong

Woolworths commits to healthier checkouts and end-of-aisle displays

RE-FRESH Chief Investigator leads newly released UNICEF guidance framework to make supermarkets healthier for children

FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Online food delivery app study

King’s Birthday honour for RE-FRESH Director Anna Peeters

ENROL NOW: “Transforming Retail Food Environments to be Health-Enabling” – 2023 Short Course

RE-FRESH May 2023 e-News

New study on energy drink sale ban to children

Healthy retail short-course knowledge having world-wide impact

Hallmark features of rural communities central to enacting change in healthy food space

RE-FRESH members partner with UNICEF East Asia and Pacific to improve urban food retail environments

Healthier Hospitals: Transitioning healthcare food retail environments: Q and A responses

Invitation for survey and focus group: Scoping of an in-store food environment monitoring app for community-based food service settings in Victoria

RE-FRESH Early Career researchers contribute to opinion piece on funding prevention research

Practitioners learn new skills to transform food retail environments

RE-FRESH Director invited to share thoughts on her public health journey

Radio Interview: Action needed on rising cost of healthy diets

RE-FRESH partnership project secures $1.2M grant to transform local government retail food environments

RE-FRESH researchers awarded $100K Prevention Centre ‘Rapid Response’ Grant to co-create tools to support transformation of food retail environments in healthcare settings in Queensland

Our researchers to showcase work at International Congress on Obesity

Food healthiness rating system gets the thumbs up

RE-FRESH contributes to study on healthy behaviours in first 2000 days of life

PODCAST – LISTEN NOW: Healthy food retail in healthcare settings

Up to 3 million people made aware of our researchers’ scorecard of government performance on obesity prevention

RE-FRESH team celebrates sustainability award honour

RE-FRESH Director bestowed Deakin University’s top honour

RE-FRESH April 2023 e-News

RE-FRESH February 2023 e-News

RE-FRESH December 2022 e-News

RE-FRESH October 2022 e-News

RE-FRESH August 2022 e-News

RE-FRESH May 2022 e-News

REPOSTED FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’: How South African food companies go about shaping public health policy in their favour

REPOSTED FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’: Social media platforms need to do more to stop junk food marketers targeting children

REPOSTED FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’: How business misrepresented evidence: the South African sugar tax story

REPOSTED FROM ‘THE CONVERSATION’: Politicians who become lobbyists can be bad for Australians’ health


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