RE-FRESH Chief Investigator A/Prof. Adrian Cameron* (pictured) is a Chief Investigator on a project that will study the impact of an energy drink sales ban to people under 18.

The study is called ‘Amped Out: An Energy Drink Study’ and kicked off on February 1 in Bridgetown (population 3000), in inland southern regional Western Australia. It is believed to be the first study globally to trial and evaluate a ban on the sale of energy drinks to children.

The innovative mixed-methods study has been designed in collaboration with the community and is using the entire regional town as an experimental setting. This is allowing for a uniform ban on the sale of energy drinks to children to be applied by all retailers. The nearest town is 30km away – so it won’t be easy for young people to “break the rules”.

Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute will be conducting surveys with young people, parents and retail outlets before and after the trial and will use a nearby community with similar demographics as the control study.

The study is taking place in the town after health issues with young people consuming energy drinks were identified, with the high sugar and caffeine levels linked to anti-social behaviour, insomnia, anxiety and other challenges.

Medical professionals have also cited that energy drinks could have impacts on heart and cardiovascular systems and cause high blood pressure.

*This study is led by researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute at the University of Western Australia (Dr Gina Trapp, Lead Investigator; Justine Howard, Project Coordinator and Chief Investigator; Dr Matthew Cooper and A/Prof. Francis Mitriou, Chief Investigators), Deakin University (A/Prof. Adrian Cameron, Chief Investigator), Curtin University (Dr Claire Pulker, Chief Investigator), the Rural Clinical School, UWA (Dr Sarah Youngson, Chief Investigator) and the University of South Australia (Prof Sally Brinkman, Chief Investigator).

The study is funded by the National Heart Foundation (Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant).

*A/Prof. Adrian Cameron is the recipient of a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship


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