Download a copy of the CREATE Implementation Plan – Program Logic Template and use the prompts below to help develop your own implementation plan.

Use the START map to help you clearly define the problem or challenge you’re addressing, and to identify the underlying issue(s), who is affected and what are the root causes. From this problem statement you can clearly state your program objective(s).

Look at each section of the START map and its narrative loops to help identify the resources you’ll need for each step of the program, and who you’ll need to involved.

Use the Systems Pyramid and your learnings from Module 1 Key concepts in systems thinking to help you identify the activities, outputs and outcomes for your program.

As you work through each step in developing you implementation plan, use the START map and the Systems Pyramid to help you identify assumptions that you and others may make, and to be aware of those external factors which have an impact on your program but are outside of your control.


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